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Easy Multiplication Practice, Print and Go!

Basic fact mastery can be a hurdle, but “drill and kill” or timed tests typically aren’t the answer. While I used some websites and apps, technology wasn’t always an option and some students simply didn’t respond to the speed aspect of it either. As a result, I came up with these super simple games and self-checking coloring options. These are easy to prep and come in both color and black/white versions. The black/white looks great on colored paper and saves so much ink. Because they are so easy to print and require minimal cutting, I don’t laminate these. Print, cut, go!

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April National Poetry Month Writing Unit

Writing workshop is one of the things I miss most about teaching third grade, and April’s National Poetry month was always one of my favorite writing units. As a class we learned about 17 different poetry styles, one each day. Then at the end of the unit each student published an individual poetry anthology, as well as their best piece in our larger class book. At the beginning of the unit, students often considered poetry boring and were convinced that all poems had to rhyme or be about love. By the end of the unit, students looked forward to learning new styles of poetry each day while writing their own unique creations. Here’s a look at the simple steps I took to make our unit such a success year after year.