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Where’s Christi Fultz?

Today marks a pretty big day, according to my Facebook memories. It’s officially the day 6 years ago that I resigned from teaching. Teaching third grade was my absolute dream job and it served me well for most of my nine years, but things were shifting personally and professionally so I just felt that nudge to let go.

I didn’t know then if I’d return to the classroom or not. As I’ve watched the state of education evolve {or not}, I truly feel for my teacher friends. You are seriously champions!

As for me? Six years later, I’m now home with my littles full time. Carter is 4 and Charlotte just turned 1.

While I’m still doing lots of work on the web, Ms. Fultz’s Corner has largely been retired. I’ve left it up for the archive of ideas and Pinterest traffic that still comes here.

Where To Find Me Now

I help female business owners create profitable websites over at Design by Christi. In addition to FREE marketing guides and tutorials, I offer logos, websites, social media graphics, and print marketing to beautifully tie your brand together. Virtual digital marketing assistance also available.

I share early learning activities, a few recipes, and family updates on my hobby blog, Completely Christi.

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram too!

Until next time {whenever that is!}, know that you are truly in my heart teacher friends. You are the BEST of the best and our kiddos are blessed to have you.

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Easy Multiplication Practice, Print and Go!

Basic fact mastery can be a hurdle, but “drill and kill” or timed tests typically aren’t the answer. While I used some websites and apps, technology wasn’t always an option and some students simply didn’t respond to the speed aspect of it either. As a result, I came up with these super simple games and self-checking coloring options. These are easy to prep and come in both color and black/white versions. The black/white looks great on colored paper and saves so much ink. Because they are so easy to print and require minimal cutting, I don’t laminate these. Print, cut, go!