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Go Noodle Blogger Blitz Giveaway

Blogger Blitz ImageUnless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of Go Noodle. 😉 It’s a fun, interactive way to get students up and moving in your classroom. We all know that an awake brain is a brain that’s ready to learn, and Go Noodle can definitely help with that. I’m teaming up with a variety of Bloggers to share lots of ways you can use Go Noodle this school year, plus each one of us is giving away Go Noodle swag too, yay! 


Back to School Giveaway

Back to school giveawayThe back to school season is in full swing around here. You can tell because the parking lot is full of teachers’ cars from dawn until dusk, the school supply aisles are picked over, and my teacher friends on Facebook have gone mysteriously silent from sheer exhaustion. My feed is also full of adorable “first day of school” front porch pictures, mixed in with parents who are celebrating that the long days of summer entertaining are over. Those are always my favorite. 😉

Today, just to say thank you, I have a super simple giveaway for you. It’s my way of wishing you well as you head back to school and reminding you to take care of yourself this school year too. You deserve it!  One lucky teacher is going to win a pair of book earrings from The Trashy Crafter, a set of hand-stamped items from Pebbles Jones, and a $25 Target gift card too. You know we love Target’s dollar spot!

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Partnering with Parents

parentipsSharp new pencils, neon pocket folders, shiny pink erasers, a new backpack with a working zipper… it can only mean one thing. Back to school season is upon us! I know we spend a good chunk of our summer preparing our classrooms, but today I want to focus on how we prepare ourselves to partner with parents. A supportive relationship with your students’ parents can make or break your year, so it’s important to get things off on the right foot. Here are my top three tips for doing just that.



Reach out to your students and their families as soon as possible. I like to send send postcards home as soon as class lists are final to begin building that relationship before school starts. I also make coordinating contact cards for the parents. You can print these on card stock, but I actually love printing them on magnets. I have a simple pattern here if you need one, but Vista Print has tons of great options too. Their templates make creating something of your own super quick and easy.

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Erin Condren Life Planner Review & Giveaway!

Hey, friends! I don’t want to be dramatic, but today is seriously one of my favorite days of the year. My new Erin Condren life planner arrived, hooray! This little gem keeps me organized while also being cute. I love it when fun and functional meet. There’s just something about the perfectly packed boxes, the colorful extras, and a brand new blank slate each year. Full on #teachernerd over here, no shame. This beauty is the school supply of all school supplies for me. And you have the chance to grab one for yourself too!

But first… loooook!Erin Condren Life Planner Review and Giveaway

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App Review: Ocean Forests

I’m a big fan of using educational apps in the classroom. The students LOVE using iPads, so they can work independently on iPads while freeing me up to focus on individuals or small groups. When I was contacted byBright World eBooks to review their first app, Ocean Forests, I jumped at the chance to test it.

As soon as I logged in, I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics and sound effects (I recommend turning off the music, but leaving other sounds on). It took me right into an underwater scene where I could choose to read, explore, or play a game. I decided to opt for what I’m sure my students would have picked– the games. There were two to pick from, a matching game or a skill/timing game. But here’s the best part– the games were based on information the students would have learned exploring the other parts of the app first! They were complicated enough that my own background knowledge alone wouldn’t have been enough to solve all of them, which means students would have to go back and do the learning portions in order to be successful in the games. I’d call that a win!